Temperature Value Date
Hottest 30 °C 25th Jul 2019
Longest period Consecutive days rising to 20°C or above 15 days 13th Jul 2021 to 27th Jul 2021
Consecutive days falling to 0°C or below 28 days 9th Jan 2013 to 5th Feb 2013
Consecutive days falling to -5°C or below 11 days 16th Dec 2010 to 26th Dec 2010
Coldest -15 °C 21st Dec 2010
Wettest Day 89 mm 5th Dec 2018
Month 342 mm Dec 2015
Year 1,248 mm 2019
Longest period With some rain every day 62 days 28th Oct 2015 to 28th Dec 2015
Dry spell without rain 18 days 21st Jun 2018 to 8th Jul 2018
Fastest gust 44 mph 17th Feb 2020

Weatherstation data highs and lows from 1st August 2008 to date. For typical conditions, rather than extremes, see climate averages instead.